Aerowaves Springback, Crítiques i cròniques, Paraules en dansa

M.E.N – Aerowaves 2015

Bursting into drops of testosterone, one, two, three and four men appear and disappear from behind a set of oblong boxes. Edhem Jesenkovic builds M.E.N with skilled, dynamic, athletic and fluid dancing sketched through a sequence of solos, duets, trios and unisons. The male quartet on board – Jesenkovic included – attempt to capture the inner worlds and outer conflicts of male identity: a man boxing, men chasing and mirroring each other, throwing challenging and fragile glances, loneliness. However, the gestures and attitudes flounder on the surface. The monotonous music, composed by Havard Perdesen and Jesenkovic himself, flattens the choreography; there is no climax. The lighting design unfolds changing evocative atmospheres. At last, a striking image: the dancers encapsulate themselves within the boxes with translucent screens, which lighten up from inside; and they become shadow puppets.